Best acne treatment in Bangkok

Best Acne Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand — Reviews

Acne Clear Plus is a renowned acne improvement treatment offered by Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok. Since its inception in 2005, this program has successfully assisted over 10,000 clients in their journey to clearer skin. The program not only focuses on reducing existing acne and irritations but also emphasizes preventing the emergence of new acne. Remarkably, clients can begin to observe changes after just one session, with more pronounced results visible within 3-4 sessions.

Components of Acne Clear Plus

  1. Acne Care Treatment: This treatment targets skin irritation, inflamed acne, and comedo acne. It hydrates the skin, making it healthier, and aids in reducing, controlling, and preventing new acne. The treatment also helps restore the skin’s structure, especially if it has been affected by prolonged acne.
  2. Acne Extraction: This procedure is essential for removing comedo acne, which includes blackheads and whiteheads. It ensures the skin texture remains smooth and reduces the chances of inflammatory acne lesions.
  3. Home-use Creams: Every session provides clients with three specially formulated creams to use at home. These creams are tailored to address the client’s specific skin concerns and play a crucial role in reducing, controlling, and preventing acne.

Client Testimonials

Several clients have shared their positive experiences with Acne Clear Plus:

  • One client mentioned that after suffering from severe acne due to an allergic reaction to a cream, their skin showed significant improvement after undergoing the Acne Clear Plus treatment. They noted a substantial reduction in acne and improved skin texture.
  • Another client praised the four creams included in the package, stating that they observed a noticeable reduction in their acne. Even under stress, they did not experience severe acne breakouts as they did before.
  • A third client highlighted that after five months of treatment, all their acne had cleared up, and they appreciated the attentive care provided by the staff during each session.

Reviews from External Sources

A review from WhatClinic mentioned that the staff at Puttharaksa Aesthetic were accommodating and provided good value for money. Another client, who underwent a Microdermabrasion session, found the treatment beneficial.


Acne Clear Plus, offered by Puttharaksa Aesthetic, has proven to be an effective solution for many individuals battling acne. With its comprehensive approach, which includes acne treatments, extractions, and home-use creams, clients can expect noticeable improvements in their skin condition. The positive testimonials and reviews further attest to its efficacy and the quality of care provided at Puttharaksa Aesthetic.