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Best Acne Facial in Bangkok, Thailand — Reviews

In the heart of Bangkok, many individuals grapple with the challenges of acne. The quest for effective treatments has led many to explore various options, with the acne facial at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok standing out. This article delves into the experiences and reviews of individuals who have undergone this treatment.

Reviews from Facebook

On Facebook, Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok has garnered positive feedback. One reviewer, Worawut Sutthiliang, recommends the establishment, highlighting the excellence of the acne treatment and the delightful nature of the staff.

Top Acne Facial’s Review

Acne is a prevalent skin condition that can lead to various physical and emotional challenges. Among the various methods available to address this common skin issue, the Acne Clear Plus program at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok has emerged as a unique solution. This program offers a multifaceted approach, including Acne Care Treatment, acne extraction, and customized creams. It aims to treat, prevent, and improve skin structure. The Acne Clear Plus program at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok offers distinct advantages over other common acne treatment methods. Its comprehensive approach, tailored treatment, quality focus, and affordability make it a preferred choice for many clients.

Facial Bangkok’s Review

The Acne Treatment (Acne Clear Plus) at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok is considered the best as it doesn’t only cope with current acne but also prevents new acne. The Acne Care treatment helps reduce comedo acne, inflamed acne as well as skin irritation. It also makes skin hydrated and healthier in order to reduce, control, and prevent new acne. In addition, it will help restructure your skin to return back to the normal stage, after having acne for a long time. The Acne Care treatment is an excellent mix of a Phonophoresis machine, vitamins, and nourishment gels, as well as an Acne Mask for making the skin become healthier.

Acne Facial Treatment Details

The Acne Care facial at Puttharaksa Aesthetic is a unique blend of wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, nourishment gels, and an Acne Mask designed to address acne. This machine enhances the delivery of topically applied vitamins and nourishment gels. The Acne Mask is particularly effective in reducing inflammatory and comedo acne. With this treatment, clients can expect hydrated, healthier, and stronger skin. Additionally, the facial massage offers relaxation.

Nourishments in Acne Care Facial

The Acne Care facial incorporates various nourishments:

  1. Vitamin A: Brightens the skin and improves its structure.
  2. Aloe Vera: Reduces redness, inflammation, and pain associated with acne.
  3. Vitamin C: Lightens the skin and diminishes redness.
  4. Hyaluronic: Maintains skin elasticity.
  5. Collagen: Ensures firm, smooth, and soft skin.
  6. Multivitamin Moisturizer: Keeps the skin moisturized and reduces irritation.
  7. Sun Protection: Shields skin from harmful UV rays.
  8. Thermal Spring Water: Hydrates the skin and reduces toxin accumulation.


The Acne Care facial at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok offers a comprehensive solution for those grappling with acne. Its blend of advanced technology and nourishing ingredients provides a tailored approach to skincare. Clients can expect not only effective acne treatment but also relaxation and rejuvenation.

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